Southwestern Oklahoma State University

SWOSU Campus Security

Policy Statement for an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)

The university recognizes that laws and rules are necessary for society to function and supports the enforcement of law by governmental agencies and rules by officials of the university.  All persons on the campus are subject to these laws and rules at all times. While the university is state property, and constitutional protections apply, law enforcement officers may enter the campus to conduct business as needed. Additionally, the officers are invited to patrol the campus to assist SWOSU Campus Police in deterring crime. All law enforcement agencies are expected to check in with SWOSU Campus Police when on campus. SWOSU Campus Police are recognized by the State of Oklahoma as a law enforcement agency.

SWOSU Campus Police enjoys an especially good relationship with the Sayre Police Department (SPD). The response time of the police department to campus averages less than two minutes for emergency calls. SWOSU Campus Police are police officers with law enforcement and arrest authority on campus. The exercise of that authority is described in a “Memorandum of Understanding” (MOU) between SPD and SWOSU Campus Police that outlines which law enforcement agency will have jurisdiction over which types of offenses. However, as a matter of course, serious crimes are the reported to the SPD for assistance if needed.

As noted in the introduction and the emergency policies, SPD is notified of all serious crime on campus, and is immediately notified of major crimes via the telephone or two-way radio. The university relies on the telephone or two-way radio to contact the county or local emergency dispatch center for fire and emergency medical needs. All victims are offered an opportunity to report crimes to SWOSU Campus Police and or SPD where appropriate under the MOU.

Annually, the Chief of Police in Sayre is provided with a summary of all crime occurring on campus. Frequent meetings or telephone conversations between the chief of police (or his designee) and the director of campus police allow for exchanges of routine information on a timely basis. Additionally, special needs are communicated between agencies as they occur. Instances where state/county police resources are needed; the SWOSU Campus Police will ask for assistance as needed. Crimes committed at off campus facilities under the control of SWOSU will be disclosed in these statistics if they come to the attention of SWOSU Campus Police.