Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Tuition & Fees

Online Payments

1. Login to My SWOSU
2. Select Campus Connect tab
3. Select Review/Pay Account

Tuition (includes mandatory fees)

*Tuition rates include the following special fees per credit hour:

  • Student Activity Fee - $11.50
  • Facility Fee - $7.50
  • Technology Service Fee - $11.00
  • Sayre Facility Fee - $3.50
Course Type Resident Non-Resident
1-4000 Level Courses $191.00 per credit hour $406.00 per credit hour
Reacher Higher (ORGL Course) $212.00 per credit hour N/A
5000 Level Courses $236.00 per credit hour $496.00 per credit hour
Pharm.D. Courses $550.00 per credit hour $976.00 per credit hour
Tuition Lock $214.00 per credit hour N/A

Additional Fees

Fee Type Details Amount
ACT Residual Exam Per exam $45.00
Applicati0on Fee $15.00
Art, Technology, Instructional Medial Cost of materials used
Arts and Sciences Academic Fee per semester hour on classes under Arts & Sciences $9.00
Audit (without credit) per credit hour Same as Tuition
Blended/ITV Course Fee per credit hour $30.00
Business & Technology Academic Fee per hour on school of business classes $10.00
Certification/Software Fee $60.00/95.00/100.00
CLEP Exams $95.00
Distance Learning Fee Per credit hour plus regular tuition charges $40.00
GED Exam $136.00
New Student Orientation Fee $5.00
Nursing (academic) Per credit hour $55.00
Parking Fee $25.00
Proctoring Fee $10.00
Professional & Graduate Studies Academic Fee per hour on classes under Profexxional & Graduate Studies $9.75
Remedial course Fee per hour, in addition to regular tuition $40.00
Science Laboratory Course Cost of breakage
TEAS Per exam $50.00
Supplies Free

Applies to some Art, Biology, Chemistry,  Communications, Computer, Geology, and Physical Education Classes. The fee is in lieu of supplies being purchased by the student.

TEAS Per exam $50.00
(Refer to Semester Schedule for Late Payment Penalties)