Bulldog Card


What is a refund?

A refund is any money that Southwestern Oklahoma State University owes you. Common reasons you may receive a refund include:

  • Financial Aid overages from student loans
  • Room and board
  • Dropped classes
  • Tuition overpayment

How are refunds handled at SWOSU?

Southwestern Oklahoma State University has partnered with Higher One to deliver your financial aid refund. We are committed to delivering 100% of your refund at no cost, providing students with clear choices and offering great customer service. To learn more about the Bulldog Card visit BulldogCard.com.


How can I receive my refund ?

When it comes to deciding how to get your money, just choose the best option that fits you.

• Same business day deposit to a OneAccount. Money deposited to the account the same business day funds are released by SWOSU to Higher One.

• Deposit to another account. Money in two to three business days

Every SWOSU student will receive a Bulldog Card in the mail. The Bulldog Card allows you to choose how you would like to receive any refund money owed to you from SWOSU. Upon receiving your Bulldog Card, visit BulldogCard.com to activate your refund preference.

Follow these three simple steps:

1. Visit. BulldogCard.com

2. Set up. Enter your card number to get started.

3. Choose. Select the option that best fits you.