SWOSU African Student Assocation (SASA)

The objectives of SWOSU African Student Association-SASA are:
To promote “contact and communication among ourselves”;
To promote our participation in “campus activities”;
To promote the identification of African Student Association as a group;
To promote Africanism;
To promote contact between Africans on campus and those in the community—especially, “service contacts.”
To facilitate the integration of new african student at SWOSU

PresidentJohn Eze
Vice PresidentDaniel Omoleye
Financial SecretarySonia Amabo
SecretaryOlivia Nkeih
Public Relations OfficerEfam Emefiele
Guy Biyogmamguy.biyogmam@swosu.edu

The aims of the Association shall be to serve the members and general community: (1) As a clearinghouse for information regarding students of the African descent at University; (2) as a forum for discussing issues that are vital to the welfare and self-image of Africans at the University; (3) as an educational vehicle by and through which the cultural heritage of Africans can be transmitted; (4) to serve the members as a psychological vehicle by and through which a positive self-image can be generated through detailed familiarization with Africans contributions to the unfolding dramas and economic evolution and development.

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