Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association (SGA) is modeled after the U.S. Government: three separate and equal branches. The purpose of the organization as a whole is to improve the student experience through campus events, to advocate for student interests with administration and faculty, and to develop leadership skills by leading through service.

The Executive branch is led by the student body President. The President, as well as Vice President and Treasurer, are elected by the student body every spring for a term of one year. The President is the chief advocate of students and oversees the everyday operations of the organization. Once elected, the President assembles an Executive Cabinet to assist the three elected officers in the performance of their duties.

The Legislative branch consists of the Student Senate, and is chaired by the Vice President. The Senate is the originator of many ideas and is the pulse of the organization. Senators write pieces of legislation to request changes within the university or the organization. Just as in the U.S. Government, the President has the power to veto passed legislation. When the administration wishes to know the student opinion on an issue, often they come before the student senate.

The Judicial branch, or Supreme Court, is composed of a Chief Justice and several Associate Justices. The Supreme Court functions to keep the organization running as it should, and steps in when disputes occur on interpretation of governing documents or when someone acts in a manner that is in violation of a governing document. The Supreme Court also must approve a constitution for every new organization wishing to come to this campus. Without their approval, the organization will not be recognized.

SGA has accomplished many things on this campus, including: making Martin Luther King, Jr day a university holiday, changing the meal plans to suit what students wanted, bringing paper recycling to this campus, making SWOSU tobacco free, and planning Homecoming and SWOSUpalooza every year.

Membership is always quite diverse, and everyone finds a niche regardless of their personality and sense of humor. Our strength as a representative body lies in that diversity. SGA members build friendships and gain valuable leadership experience that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. Join us in making a difference on this campus and in your own life.

PresidentTanner Boyd
Vice PresidentAustin Loomis
TreasurerSeth Odam
Special Projects Co-ChairConner Patton
Special Projects Co-ChairCaylie Patton
Public Relations ChairMarshall Wallace
Internal Affairs ChairNatalie Haworth
Campus Improvements ChairPeyton Isbell
Executive SecretaryBrady Boyd
Executive SecretaryJarech Paige

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