Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Math Club

We meet each Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. in CAM304. Every meeting features something different. We have explored unusual mathematical topics, solved puzzles, played games, hosted cook-outs, gone bowling, and worked with local youngsters during volunteer activities. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend.
PresidentSamantha Driskill
Vice PresidentKatie Martin

Date Activity
April 9 Dr. McNamara presented Adventures in Flatland in which we follow the Flatlanders' attempt to understand the 2-dimensional universe in which they live. There are analogous methods that we can use to understand our own 3-dimensional universe, and these we discussed as well.
April 2 We practiced some Math Jeopardy style problems in order to get our teams ready for the upcoming competition -- just over one week away now.
March 26 In preparation for the student competition, the Math Club got some practice finding indefinite integrals. It proved a good review of Calculus II. We also played a few rounds of Math Dice and Blink in honor of Samantha Driskill's visit.
March 12 This is the closest meeting that the Math Club has to Pi Day, March 14. As such, we took the opportunity to sample various pies. For the accompaniment, we looked at Wallis' Integrals and their relation to Wallis' product formula for pi.
March 5 We started the meeting with a few rounds of The 24 Game, and then moved on to a discussion of probability applied to the game of Black Jack
February 26 The Math Club hosted a visitor, long-time SWOSU Professor Dr. Lackey, who shared information concerning a personal safety course offered by the university. After the presentation, we played a few rounds of our favorite game, SET.
February 19 We examined Mersenne Primes and discussed the difference between a conjecture and a theorem. There was also some coverage concerning the interplay between inductive and deductive reasoning pertaining to research in mathematics.
February 12 The Math Club took a trip down memory lane with an episode of The Powerpuff Girls called "Him Diddle Riddle." The villain Him has threatened to make the Professor pay unless the girls tackle a series of puzzles. Following the show, we worked on some classic logic puzzles.
February 5 We discussed a special curve called a cycloid. After finding parametric equations for the curve we found the length of one arch and how to find the area under one of the arched. The meeting ended with a discussion about how to generalize the curve, a good research project for an undergraduate.
January 29 The Math Club experimented with geoboards, a hands on activity used in elementary schools. We also proved Pick's Theorem, which relates the area of certain polygons to the number of interior and boundary lattice points.
January 22 We discussed the mathematics behind music. This webpage provided interesting applets for demonstrating the relationship between a sound and its component frequencies.
January 15 We played a few rounds of Math Dice, and then had a game of farkle.