Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Math Club

We meet each Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. in CAM304. Every meeting features something different. We have explored unusual mathematical topics, solved puzzles, played games, hosted cook-outs, gone bowling, and worked with local youngsters during volunteer activities. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend.
PresidentEmily Hartley
Vice PresidentMary Miller

SWOSU Math Club

Spring 2015 Activities

April 15: Inspired by Krispy Kreme donuts, we computed the volume of a torus created by revolving a circle of radius 1 centered at (3,0) about the y-axis.
March 25: Math Club members practised integration to get ready for the upcoming student competition.
March 18: Spring Break!
March 11: The Math Club held an early Pi Day -- ordinarily this would be 3/14. Pizza and apple pie were served while we examined some formulas where pi unexpectedly shows up.
March 4: SWOSU was closed the afternoon of March 4th due to weather. The Math Club did not meet.
February 25: In preparation for the Student Competition at the MAA OK-AR Sectional Meeting this April, we practiced some Math Jeopardy.
February 18: The Math Club examined some classic logic puzzles. This site randomly generates logic puzzles for you to solve, and even supplies a grid.
February 11: We made Transforming Ninja Stars, inspired by something Katie Martin brought into the Math Club last year.
February 4: The Math Club made a study of graphs in polar coordinates. We made progress in understanding when polar equations give you cardiods, roses , and circles.
January 28: Classical straight-edge and compass constructions!
January 21: For our first meeting, we worked out some Tangram puzzles.

Fall 2014 Activities

December 8: We watched a video by Prof. Frank Morgan about Soap Bubbles that served as an introduction to minimal surfaces.
December 1: The Math Club held its Mario Kart Tournament!
November 24: The Math Club worked through a collection of problems to prepare for the Putnam Competition
November 17: SWOSU was closed due to weather, so the Math Club did not meet.
November 10: The William Lowell Putnam Competition is coming up next month. We worked a set of practice problems.
November 3: We looked at some recreational mathematics and the work of Martin Gardner.
October 27: The Math Club tackled a set of Putnam Practice Problems pertaining to polynomials.
October 20: We carved a pumpkin!
October 13: Number Theory typically makes an appearance on the Putnam Exam. We discussed the basics of divisors, divisibility, primes, and modular arithmetic. The group also worked some problems concerning these topics.
October 6: At the request of a Math Club member, Dr. McNamara gave a talk on mathematical paradoxes. Topics included Achilles and the Hare, the potato paradox, and Gabriel's Horn.
September 29: We worked on some problems from recent Putnam exams. Emphasis was on the importance of creating a finished product that gets submitted, in contrast to scratch work.
September 22: Set!
September 18: The Math Club will be hosting a cookout at Means Park. We should be firing up the grill by 6:00 p.m.
September 15: We discussed the chip model for integers. This makes use of two-color counters for understanding signed numbers. We can use these to represent both positives negatives. Further, we are able to demonstrate the various sign rules for the operations of arithmetic.
September 8: The first meeting of the 2014-2015 school year saw the election of new officers, a discussion of activities for the Fall Semester, proofs without words, and a talk by Dr. McNamara about formulas for sums of powers of integers. We also discussed the relationship between simplification and generalization and a direction for undergraduate research.
Fall 2014 Events:
Cookout: 9/18 at 6:00 in Means Park
Bullpups Camp: Homecoming weekend
Putnam Competition: 12/6 - the first Saturday in December