Math Club

We meet each Tuesday at 3:00 pm in Campbell 304. Join us for games, faculty talks, math puzzles, bowling, and other fun.
PresidentMary Miller
Vice PresidentWilliam Martin

SWOSU Math Club

Fall 2015 Activities

November 16: The Math Club played a few rounds of the 24 game and then looked at some sample Putnam Problems about infinite series.
November 9: The club constructed some modular origami, making stellated octahadrons.
November 2: We worked on some Putnam warm-up problems concerning polynomials.
October 26: As preparation for the Putnam competition, we covered some problems dealing with number theory.
September 29: We worked on some weighing problems. Some that were easy, others more challenging.
September 22: Inspired by the PowerPuff Girls, we look at some classic brain teasers.
September 15: We demonstrated the Desmos Graphing Calculator App. This allowed us to visualize transformations and shifts on graph. We could even play with Taylor Series.
September 10: Math Club Cook-out, 6pm at Means Park on Huber.

Spring 2015 Activities

April 15: Inspired by Krispy Kreme donuts, we computed the volume of a torus created by revolving a circle of radius 1 centered at (3,0) about the y-axis.
March 25: Math Club members practised integration to get ready for the upcoming student competition.
March 18: Spring Break!
March 11: The Math Club held an early Pi Day -- ordinarily this would be 3/14. Pizza and apple pie were served while we examined some formulas where pi unexpectedly shows up.
March 4: SWOSU was closed the afternoon of March 4th due to weather. The Math Club did not meet.
February 25: In preparation for the Student Competition at the MAA OK-AR Sectional Meeting this April, we practiced some Math Jeopardy.
February 18: The Math Club examined some classic logic puzzles. This site randomly generates logic puzzles for you to solve, and even supplies a grid.
February 11: We made Transforming Ninja Stars, inspired by something Katie Martin brought into the Math Club last year.
February 4: The Math Club made a study of graphs in polar coordinates. We made progress in understanding when polar equations give you cardiods, roses , and circles.
January 28: Classical straight-edge and compass constructions!
January 21: For our first meeting, we worked out some Tangram puzzles.
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