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Online Professional HIM Program Admission

Any student may declare their major as Pre Health Information Management and enroll in the preprofessional curriculum. When they have completed most of this curriculum, they may apply for admission into the professional Health Information Management Program. To be considered for acceptance, an applicant must have achieved and maintained a GPA of 2.50 for prerequisite HIM Program curriculum and must complete the following before beginning the professional program.

  • 2442 Medical Terminology
  • 2154 ALHTL
  • 2164 Anatomy and Physciology 1 and 2 

In addition, students must complete the HIM program application and submit two recommendation letters. Applications are due February 15th and August 2nd. Recommendations regarding acceptance or non-acceptance will be made and the student will be notified of the decision within two weeks of the application deadline.

Students must complete the online readiness assessment regarding online education located in the link above prior to enrollment into the professional program.

A student who is not accepted may appeal the decision. A written statement must be made stating why he/she believes they should be reconsidered. This should be submitted to the director of the HIM program. The applicant will then meet with the chair of the Division of the Department of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences and an additional RHIA practitioner. Recommendations will be made to the director of the program who will notify the student of the final decision.

Once students have completed the admission process and been accepted into the program they may enroll in the professional classes according to the plan of study developed by the students’ advisor. Once admitted into the professional program the student must pass a background check and drug screen. Students must also submit an up-to-date and complete vaccination record.

A student must maintain a 2.50 GPA for each professional semester to be allowed to continue in the professional program. A failing grade in any major taken during the professional sequence will result in suspension from the professional program. If the failing grade occurs during the junior year, the student must reapply for acceptance into the professional sequence.

If the failing grade occurs during the senior year the student must process an application for readmission to the program which will include an interview with the current program faculty as well as the chair of the Division of the Department of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences. Reinstatement in the professional program will be dependent on academic performance and availability of openings in the senior class.

Students must also maintain a C in each major course. Students must repeat major courses for which less than a C is made.