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Health Science General Information

The Department of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences at SWOSU in Weatherford, OK offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science. This major is designed as a pre-professional degree for individuals wishing to enter health professional programs at comprehensive universities in the areas of medicine, dentistry, optometry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, dental hygiene, etc. Many of these programs either require a previous degree or a significant number of prerequisite courses before application.

Students desiring entry into programs of this nature may chose to complete their prerequisites in a variety of programs such as biology, chemistry, liberal arts, etc. The health science major gives the students the flexibility to meet the specific prerequisite requirements of the professional program of their choice while at the same time providing them a foundation of courses specifically tailored to familiarizing them with the health care industry in which they will find themselves employed. Courses such as U.S. Health Care System provides them a foundation of what exactly comprises the “health care industry.” Courses in Health Care Management and Health Care Law and Ethics is applicable to any student of health science. All health care professionals must learn the importance of health information privacy and security and understand how to navigate through electronic health records. Health Care Project Management and health statistics is a vital to all health care disciplines tool. While providing a foundation for future professional health programs, these courses also give the health science graduate a foundational background from which to market their skills should they find themselves not able to further their graduate education.

Faculty within the Department of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences as well as administrative staff within the school are trained to advise students and have access to a highly developed, extensive transfer and prerequisite matrix tools to assist the allied health student in bridging between the preprofessional programs at SWOSU and the graduate professional program of their choice. These materials are continually updated and revised to assure the allied health student that they are working with the latest advisement information available.