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Astronomy Viewing

hourglass nebulam16_star_birthViewing sessions are held for Astronomy students at the SWOSU Observatory on Monday and Tuesday during each of four different weeks each semester. The dates and times will be announced in class. Students may receive extra credit for attendance as indicated by his or her instructor. To receive credit for attendance, students must be present at the beginning of the session, sign the roll sheet, and remain until excused. Students are encouraged to attend all four weeks if desired.

There are no drinking fountains, restrooms, heating or cooling at the observatory. Dress and prepare accordingly. Smoking is not allowed at the observatory site. Leave food and drinks in your car. There is limited parking; try to car-pool as much as possible.

radio_telescope.canberraIf the sky is clear then the session will be held. If it is completely cloudy at the observatory site, then the session is canceled.  Often, Oklahoma’s changing weather conditions means a session cannot be canceled because of weather until about an hour before the session is scheduled to begin.  Your instructor will provide you with directions for finding out if the session is canceled in the event of marginal viewing conditions.