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The Division of Physics teaches courses in physics, engineering, physical science, and astronomy. Our mission is to provide a broad foundation in the physical sciences for students who wish to pursue careers in physics, engineering, medicine, pharmacy, optometry, meteorology, architecture, aerospace, or electronics and to provide enrichment courses in the physical sciences for students in all majors. Pursuant to this goal, we offer:

  • specialized training in classical , modern, and applied physics for students majoring in physics and engineering
  • general courses in physics to prepare students for careers in medicine, pharmacy, and health sciences
  • basic courses in physics to build a foundation for students majoring in technology fields
  • courses in physics, physical science, and astronomy for students pursuing careers in education

We advise physics and engineering majors and students in technical pre-professional programs to insure they are properly prepared to join the engineering staff of industrial or government labs or to pursue graduate studies in a number of fields.