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Computer Lab

lab1The lab opened during spring semester 2000. It is housed in Room 127 of the Music Building and occupies the front half of the music library. The lab is funded through the Student Technology Fee.

There are 12 Dell networked workstations (we are now on our fourth generation of computers since the lab opened), running Windows XP Pro. In addition to Microsoft Office and internet browsing software, each station has music sequencing, notation, accompaniment, and aural skills CAI (Computer Assisted Instruction) software. Music Theory faculty have integrated the software into their course requirements, and many other music classes have assignments in the lab.

In addition to the Music Computer Lab, we now have a digital music workstation in a locked practice room. There is a computer workstation with multi-track software, and a Tascam 788 8-track digital workstation with Roland digital monitors available for student projects.  A high quality mixer and microphones (including several large-diaphragm condenser mics) are available for recording.


Each workstation includes

  • Dell Optiplex System
  • M-Audio 49-key MIDI keyboard controller
  • Creative Labs Audigy soundcard
  • Audio Technica Headphones
  • Microphone

lab2The lab also has

  • Hewlett Packard Laser Printer
  • 2 Rolls RM203 10-input stereo mixers to allow any station's work to be played for the class or recorded
  • Alesis M1 active bi-amplified monitor speakers

One of the 12 workstations is an ADA-compliant workstation, with a table that can be electrically raised or lowered by the user. All of the stations have software to enlarge text for visually-impaired users.

Music Software

  • Acid Music (loop-based music creation)
  • Band-in-a-Box Pro (jazz accompaniment)
  • Cakewalk Home Studio (sequencing/notation/digital audio)
  • Drill Quest (marching band charting)
  • Finale (notation)
  • MIBAC Music Lessons (music theory CAI)
  • Music Lab Melody (aural skills CAI)
  • Music Lab Harmony (aural skills CAI)
  • Musicator (sequencing/notation/digital audio)
  • NoTam DSP (music synthesis)
  • Sibelius (notation)
  • SmartMusic accompaniment software
  • Sound Forge XP (digital audio editing/mastering)