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Master of Music (M.M.)

  • Performance
  • Music Therapy
  • Choral/Instrumental Music Education

General Requirements

Candidates for the Master of Music degree must complete a minimum of 32 hours of approved course work and maintain a minimum graduate grade point average of 3.0. Only applied music grades of “A” or “B” will count toward requirements for the degree.  The Master of Music degree may be completed in three summers plus three online courses taken during the school year.  See the Graduate Course Offering Schedule below to plan a three-summer degree.

The student must remove all deficiencies identified by admission examinations. The deficiencies may be removed by satisfactorily completing additional coursework in deficiency areas as directed by the Graduate Committee.

All candidates for the Master of Music degree must pass written and oral comprehensive exams. Performance majors must present at least one public recital. The recital content and length must be approved by the Graduate Committee.

Graduate Courses Rotation Schedule

Graduate Committee

The Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Music with approval of the chair and advisement of the faculty, shall appoint for each student a Graduate Committee of not fewer than three faculty members from the Music Department. Members of the committee should represent the various areas of applied music, music theory, music history, and music education. The committee will review the candidate’s advisory examinations, construct and approve a final form of the program, and administer the final comprehensive examination.