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HESI Admission Assessment

The HESI Admission Assessment (A2) tests program applicants in three main academic areas – English Language, Math, & Science.  This test is designed to assess the academic and personal readiness of prospective students in nursing and health professions.

The English Language portion of the test includes the following sub-categories:

  • Reading Comprehension: Provides reading scenarios in order to measure reading comprehension, identifying the main idea, finding meaning of words in context, passage comprehension, making logical inferences, etc.
  • Vocabulary and General Knowledge: Contains vocabulary terms that are commonly used in both general English-speaking settings and in health care fields.
  • Grammar: Contains basic grammar, including parts of speech, important terms and their uses, commonly occurring grammatical errors, etc.

The Math portion of the test covers the following:

  • Basic Math Skills: Focuses on math skills needed for health care fields, including basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, decimals, ratio and proportion, household measures, general math facts, etc.

The Science portion of the test includes the following sub-categories:

  • Biology: Covers biology basics, water, biological molecules, metabolism, cells, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, etc.
  • Chemistry: Contains test items that cover matter, chemical equations and reactions, the periodic table, atomic structure, nuclear chemistry, chemical bonding, etc.
  • Anatomy and Physiology: Provides coverage of general terminology and anatomical structures and systems.
Content Area # of Test Items Total Time allowed
English Language
Reading Comprehension 55 items* 60 minutes
Vocabulary & General Knowledge 55 items* 50 minutes
Grammar 55 items* 50 minutes
Basic Math Skills 55 items* 50 minutes
Biology 30 items** 25 minutes
Chemistry 30 items** 25 minutes
Anatomy & Physiology 30 items** 25 minutes
Cumulative 310 total – 275 scored items 285 minutes

**includes 50 scored and 5 pilot items

**includes 25 scored and 5 pilot items

The HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review, 5th Edition provides students with comprehensive preparatory materials, including topics and question types found in each area of the A2.  The guide includes hundreds of sample questions, step-by-step explanations, and comprehensive practice exams to help review subject areas and improve test-taking skills.