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Healthcare Internship 3972-3978

A designated period of practical application devoted to serving an apprenticeship within a health care facility. Students serve under selected administrators in the areas of hospital, long term care, mental health care, home health, governmental health, voluntary health, and health research project administration. This internship includes two to eight weeks in a selected health care facility during which a visit is made to each service department within the hospital or health care facility. This allows the student to develop an understanding of the roles and functions of each department.

Five Internship Options:

3971 1 week internship for Health Care Field Experience
3972 2 week internship for Allied Health Minor
3972 2 week internship for HCA Minor for HIM
3972 2 week internship for B.S. in Health Sciences
3972-8 2-8 week internship for Health Care Administration


3193 Health Care Delivery
3963 Health Care Administration

Application Deadlines - 8 weeks prior to desired internship.

General Information

Signs are posted at the beginning of each semester for Informational meetings on the Internship Experience. Meetings are mandatory and held in the Science Building - on what the Internships entail.  Dates, times and rooms are listed.  Every student planning on an Internship sometime that year needs to attend a meeting.  Students should be preparing to start their internships sometime in their Senior year.  Internships are called ARRANGED courses and will need Mrs. Prichard's signature to enroll. (Sci 206B)  They will enroll in the semester they wish to have their Internship Credit Hours counted for.  Internships need to be done in-between semesters or during the Summer.  An example would be that a student enrolls in the Fall semester for an Internship.  He will get a W on his transcript for the Fall semester, since he will actually do the Internship in December, during the Break between semesters.  After turning in a notebook documenting his experience to Mrs. Prichard, a grade will be received and that grade will replace the W grade.  A 2-hour credit Internship would be 2 weeks in a healthcare facility of the student's choice, 8 hours a day for 10 days.

HCA Advisor and Internship Coordinator

Marion Prichard
SCI 206B

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