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Health Information Management

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Health Information Management

The Profession

The Health Information Manager is the professional responsible for the management of health information systems within health care facilities and other health related organizations. The health information management administrator is an expert in the world of health record systems. He/she is responsible for obtaining complete health records for use in research; for gathering statistical information on which to base long-range health planning goals; for determining the legitimacy of requests for confidential medical information; for controlling the circulation and integrity of health records, and as a department head, is responsible for efficiency of the health information department employees in the performance of daily activities.

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Combining knowledge in computers, medical vocabulary, health science, ethics, legal requirements, management and business, the HIM professional develops systems that support patient care, medical research, health planning, health care, evaluation systems and financial reimbursement for the health care institution.

Health information professionals are respected staff members who interact daily with the medical staff, financial managers and hospital administrative staff – all of whom depend on health information to get their jobs done. HIM professionals work in hospitals, accounting firms, insurance companies, information system vendors, law firms, individual or group physician practices, home health organizations, nursing homes and a wide variety of health-related organizations.

Director: Dana Lloyd
Department Chair: Sharon Lawrence

There are many diverse positions available in the HIM profession. Based on individual skills, education and interest some possible positions include;

  • HIM Department Director
  • HIM Department Assistant Director or Supervisor
  • HIM System Manager
  • Medical Staff Services Supervisor
  • Health Data Analyst
  • Quality Improvement Analyst
  • Medical Coding Specialist
  • Cancer Registrar
  • HIM Long-Term-Care Director
  • Insurance Company Manager
  • HIM Home Health Coordinator
  • Medical Paralegal
  • Manager Veterinary Record Systems
  • Manager Prison Record Systems
  • Systems Vendor/Systems Trainer
  • Systems Research and Development Specialist
  • Information Services Director
  • Health Statistics Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • HIM Educator
  • Research Assistant
  • Consultant
  • Client Service Representative
  • Utilization Review Coordinator
  • Corporate Privacy Officer
  • Corporate Security Officer
  • Corporate Compliance Officer
  • Accreditation Coordinator
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