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Medical Laboratory Technician Program at SWOSU Sayre

The Profession

Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLTs) play a crucial role in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. Clinical laboratory personnel examine and analyze body fluids and cells. MLTs look for bacteria, parasites and other microorganisms; analyze the chemical content of fluids; match blood for transfusions and test for drug levels in the blood that show how a patient is responding to treatment. MLTs use microscopes, cell counters, and other sophisticated laboratory equipment. MLTs also use automated equipment and computerized instruments capable of performing a number of tests simultaneously. After testing and examining a specimen, they analyze the results and relay them to physicians.


Most medical laboratory technicians are employed in hospital laboratories. Others are employed in physicians’ private clinic laboratories and reference labs, by city, state and federal health agencies; in industrial medical laboratories, in pharmaceutical firms, and in numerous public and private research programs dedicated to the study of specific disease. Salaries vary depending on the employer and geographic location.


The Associate in Applied Science degree for the Medical Laboratory Technician is offered through the SWOSU Sayre Campus through a partnership between Western Technology Center and SWOSU. Following completion of the two-year associate degree, the student is eligible for certification by the American Medical Technologists (AMT) and/or the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP).


Information on application requirements can be obtained from the medical technology program director, Roxann Clifton, at SWOSU Sayre. roxann.clifton@swosu.edu

Western Technology Center  SWOSU Medical Laboratory Technician Program

General Education  23 hours

May be completed at SWOSU at Weatherford or Sayre

1113 English Composition I
1213 English Composition II
1103 Intermediate Algebra or 1513 College Algebra
1004 Biology with Lab
1063 U.S. History
1103 American Government and Politics
1004 General Chemistry

Support Courses  10 hours

2503 Parasitology
2205 Human Anatomy & Physiology
2442 or 2443 Medical Terminology

Program Specialty Courses  42 hours

Must be completed at SWOSU Sayre

1034 Hematology I and Phlebotomy
1044 Hematology II
1314 Lab Clinical I (clinical practice at assigned hospital laboratory)
2024 Lab Clinical II (clinical practice at assigned hospital laboratory)
1202 Urinalysis and Body Fluids
2044 Clinical Chemistry
2033 Blood banking
2104 Lab Clinical III (clinical practice at assigned hospital laboratory)
2355 Microbiology
2404 Pathogenic Microbiology
2412 Immunology and Serology
2441 Registry Preparation I
2541 Registry Preparation II


Roxann Clifton
Director, Medical Laboratory Technician Program
409 E. Mississippi
Sayre, OK 73662
580.928.5533 x113

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