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Training for Medical Careers

Coordinator: Jessica Young
Associate Dean:  Dr. Marcy Tanner

With an increase in medical technology and knowledge, the types of health careers available in the healthcare field have become greatly diversified. Learning at one of the top Schools of Allied Health Science in the state can be your first step to further study in medical schools and healthcare schools.

Healthcare Programs at SWOSU

Here are some of the great programs offered to students of the School of Allied Health Sciences at SWOSU:

SWOSU’s Allied Health Sciences faculty is experienced not only in instruction but also in hands-on practice in a variety of healthcare environments. SWOSU instructors are networked throughout local, state and national organizations.

This means that students of SWOSU healthcare school will have a chance to form relationships and gain experience that will make them more successful after graduation.

Quality Healthcare Experience & Health Careers

“Real world” experience is a core aspect of healthcare studies at SWOSU, where we strive to give our students the hands-on experience that will allow them to succeed after graduation. Along with classroom instruction, SWOSU students have several ways to practice their area of focus:

  • Internships
  • Clinicals
  • Field Experiences
  • Clinical Practice Assignments
  • Practicums
  • Job Shadowing

These are only a few of the ways in which SWOSU exposes our healthcare students to the world that awaits them after graduation, and prepare them for study at the best medical schools in the state.

Top Medical School Practices = Respected Medical Careers

Being an active student is a must in the school of Allied Health Sciences. Presentations, projects and other team building activities are essential parts of a career in today’s healthcare field.

No matter which healthcare environment a student may choose, these types of activities will be an integral part of their career. Along with a strong knowledge base, we promote this type of work as a way for students to understand how they can open up opportunities for their future in the healthcare field.

Contact us today to find out how you can prepare to attend the top medical schools in the nation with the Health Science major from the School of Allied Health Sciences.

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