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Computer Science

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Computer Sciences


Are you planning to go to graduate school or undertake graduate studies in IS during the next year?
Do you believe that the IS program at SWOSU prepared you adequately for an IS career and/or graduate school?
Based on your work experience,  
     Were classroom activities beneficial?
     Were laboratory activities beneficial?
     Were class projects beneficial?
During the last year, do you believe that the image of the IS program at SWOSU:
How long did it take you to get a job in the IS field after you graduated from SWOSU?
Is your career path (promotions, salary increases) comparable to those of your contemporaries from IS programs in other schools?
Do you believe that your compensation (salary) is comparable to that of IS graduates from other universities, working in your company/organization with the same number of years of experience as you?
Do you feel that you can confidently recommend other IS graduates from SWOSU for jobs in your organization?
Would you like to mentor an IS program student at SWOSU, under an Internship or Co-op program in your organization?
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The Focus Is You