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Computer Science

2006 Department Pictures

Oklahoma Research Day

Dr. Moseley
Caleb Briggs' poster on Video Face-Based recognition in a Distant Learning Environment is shown with faculty advisor Dr. Moseley
Dr. Moseley
Dennis Ferron researched the Development of a Control System for ground-based mobile robots. Faculty advisor Dr. Moseley pictured with poster
Eddy Lepatio and Dr. Moseley
Eddy Lepatio evaluated Interactive Digital Storytelling techniques as The Foundation for Computer Science One. He worked with faculty advisor Dr. Moseley
Gail Wilcox
Gail Wilcox analyzed the Responsibility Driven Design (RDD) and Photorealistic Characters for 3D Virtual World Animations
Glynn Cobb
Glynn Cobb studied the High Resolution and Photorealistic Imagery in Elementary Interactive Digital Storytelling
James Thomason
James Thomason worked with the Science and Math Association of Rural Teachers Community of Practice as a program used to expand information technology readiness
Jessie Johnson and Ryan Lutz
Jessie Johnson and Ryan Lutz worked together to research High Resolution and Photorealism in the design of 3D Virtual World Simulations
Mark Underwood
Mark Underwood studied the Visual Studio Team System, a design tool used for software development in a team environment
Vaibhav Pandya
Vaibhav Pandya (show) and Pankaj Mishra investigated how software errors created security vulnerabilities

World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, & Higher Education

Dr. Warren Moseley and Matt Thomason
Dr. Warren Moseley and Matt Thomason presenting their poster on OK-RMSP: The Oklahoma Rural Math and Science Partnership at the 2006 World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, & Higher Education. The conference was sponsored by the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE) and took place in Honolulu, Hawaii October 13-17, 2006.

SWOSU Research and Scholarly Activity Fair

Kavita Bhathela
Kavita Bhathela (shown) worked with Nikunj Damani, Chad Hoffman, Dennis Ferron researching Software Testing procedures on an OCAST-CDFA grant
Nikunj Damani and Hiren Patel
Nikunj Damani and Hiren Patel Website Development using Mambo Open Source Content Management System. An OCAST-Freightliner grant
Weston Lorance and Nathan Webb
Weston Lorance and Nathan Webb Software Development in ASP.NET 2.0 researching development of a medical tracking system on an OCAST-CDFA grant
Chris McGraw
Chris McGraw researched Responsibility Driven Design and Virtual Worlds
Simon Ngari and Terri Ogles
Simon Ngari and Terri Ogles present Elucidation for Critical Skills Thinking using Competing and Cooperative Robotics. Dennis Ferron and Deryk Beard also worked on this project.
Hiren Patel
Hiren Patel (shown) worked with Ryan Kelley to develop an object-oriented software system for Freightliner.
Jarred Pettijohn
Jarred Pettijohn (shown) worked with Kelly Reid and Zah Garuba to develop a bar code tracking system for BAR-S Foods on an OCAST grant
Gail Wilcox
Gail Wilcox researched photorealistic characters for 3D virtual world animation
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Vaibhav Pandya & Pankaj Mishra researched software errors that could be exploited by hackers
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Pankaj Mishra & Vaibav Pandya presented Why identity theft is a global security concern at the podium
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Larry Underwood  researched Information Security Management Modeling based on IDEF0 Diagrams
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Marwan Remman presented Multimedia and Security Challenges at the podium
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