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AktaPrime AktaPrime Chromatography System
AnasaziIntruments AnasaziIntrumentsEft-60 NMR Spectrometer
Instrumentation BAS100B Electrochemical Analyzer with DME and RDE
Instrumentation BeckmanCoulter DU640 UV-Vis Spectrometer
BrukerAVANCE II BrukerAVANCE II 300 MHz NMR Spectrometer
Instrumentation EnvircoClass 2 Biohazard Safety Cabinet
Instrumentation Extensive Computational Facilities including:
  • Parallel Quantum Solutions PQS8 and PQS4 Linux clustersrunning PQS3.0 computational software
  • 6-Node Linux cluster running Linda/Gaussian03 and GAMESS computational software
  • Three dual cpuSGI Octane workstations running Gaussian03 computational software
  • Dual Processor SGI Octane workstation with AccelerysInsight IIbiomolecularmodeling software
Instrumentation Marathon 2100R Tabletop Centrifuge
Instrumentation MBraunUnilabInert Atmosphere Glovebox
Instrumentation Molecular Devices SpectromaxM2 360-Well MicroplateReader
Instrumentation PTI QuantamasterSteady State Fluorimeter
Instrumentation Shimadzu QP2010s GCMS with DIP Probe
Instrumentation Shimadzu UV-240 UV-Vis Spectrometer with Temp. Controller
Instrumentation SorvallRC5Plus Floor Model High Speed Centrifuge
Instrumentation Thermo-Nicolet 380 FTIR Spectrometer
Instrumentation Varian SpectrAA220 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
Instrumentation VWR -80 Degree Freezer
Instrumentation 4 Degree Celcius Walk-In Freezer
Instrumentation Yamato SM300 Upright Autoclave
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