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Star Chart Exam

Gravitational Lensing of Distant Galaxy (AURI/STScI)

The star chart exam will be given in class on a date announced by your instructor.

The following are lists of constellations and objects which can be seen in the sky during the evening in the indicated seasons. Each semester, a test will be given where you will supply the names (correctly spelled) of fifteen items from the list for that season. These will be marked on a star chart similar to the one you receive in class, but without names. You will fill in the blanks.

Fall Semesters Spring Semesters
Ursa Minor Polaris Ursa Minor Polaris
Ursa Major Arcturus Ursa Major Mizar
Cassiopeia Antares Cassiopeia Pleiades Cluster
Bootes Vega Taurus Capella
Scorpius Altair Orion Aldebaran
Sagittarius Algol Canis Major Rigel
Lyra Pleiades Canis Minor Orion Nebula*
Cygnus Capella Gemini Betelgeuse
Pegasus Aldebaran Leo Castor
Andromeda Betelgeuse Bootes Pollux
Perseus Rigel Perseus Procyon
Taurus Orion Nebula* Virgo Sirius
Orion Sirius Regulus
Castor Spica
Pollux Arcturus
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