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Chair:  Dr. Jason Johnson

The individual who gets a degree in physics can apply the fundamental knowledge of physical processes (1) to the development of solutions for a variety of practical problems that occur in an industrial setting, (2) to the advancement of the frontiers of knowledge through research, and (3) to transmit to others our understanding of the laws of nature and the way of investigating them.

The field of physics is the foundation of many sciences and engineering disciplines. For example, the technological developments in the fields of mechanics, thermodynamics, acoustics, optics, electricity, and nuclear physics have resulted in separate disciplines, such as mechanical and aeronautics engineering, laser and applied optics, materials science, electrical engineering, and nuclear engineering. As advances open up new fields of study, the boundaries between engineering and physics fields blur; and we see more and more engineers and physicists working side by side on the same problems. Furthermore, physics graduates have a solid foundation upon which to build as their interests change, or as the job market changes.

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