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Park Security

In order to provide a safe, enjoyable recreational experience for park patrons a high level of security is provided.

The park is regularly patrolled by several law enforcement agencies. The SWOSU Department of Public Safety Park Ranger Division, the Washita County Sheriff's Office, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lake Patrol Division, and the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation are all involved in enforcing Oklahoma laws at the park. CLEET certified park ranger officers patrol the lake regularly.

The park gate closes to incoming traffic each night at 10:00PM and is opened at 6:00AM. Park patrons can leave the park at any time as access to the outgoing lane is controlled by a one-way traffic-control device.

Since April 1999, Crowder Lake has been a no-wake lake. Boats are limited to idle speed only.

Crowder Lake University Park has a no alcohol policy.

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