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Southwestern ASTRO Balloon Satellite Project

Sponsored by NASA and the Oklahoma Space Grant Consortium

The balloon satellites program is a NASA sponsored project which exposes students to the “hands on” application of technology, engineering, mathematics, and the natural sciences through the use of weather sounding balloons. Students learn how to build a small data recording satellite which is launched into the atmosphere via a weather sounding balloon. Altitudes in excess of 90,000 feet are typical, and the satellites are designed to record digital photographs, temperature, and pressure data. Multiple satellites can be launched from a single balloon, which facilitates an excellent opportunity for group learning.

This project has been incorporated within the Engineering Technology program at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, and is specifically accomplished in the Introduction to Technology Class (Tech 1101) which is required for incoming technology freshmen. Our goal is to provide a “hands on” experience in the application of science and technology which will expose students to the marvels of the world around them.

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ASTRO Balloon Satellite Project Presentation (pdf)

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