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Earn Your Computer Science or Engineering Technology Degree at SWOSU

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering Technology encourages hands-on learning in our industry-based labs and in our computer science courses. Step into the world of technology with a degree from SWOSU.

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Computer Science Degree Offered at SWOSU

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Engineering Technology Degrees Offered at SWOSU

SWOSU's programs in engineering technology are some of the best in Oklahoma. We offer our students the opportunity to work with and analyze many different materials. Our students enjoy designing and building various projects during their time at SWOSU. Our graduates are prepared to help solve the world's technical problems  big and small. Check out what SWOSU has to offer the spark-minded, let's-take-it-apart-and-see-how-it-works kind of person.

Engineering Management Manufacturing Technology Degree

Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Engineering Management, with an Option in Manufacturing Technology

Computer Electronics Engineering Technology Degree

Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering Technology, with an Option in Computer Electronics Engineering Technology

Environmental Engineering Technology Degree

Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering Technology, with an Option in Environmental Engineering Technology

Engineering Management Electronics Technology Degree

Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Engineering Management with an Option in Electronics Technology

Chair:  Dr. Patsy Parker

Why SWOSU is the Place for Engineering Technology

Our faculty are highly motivated and keep current with the latest industry trends and technological advances. They strive for innovation, precision and quality in their classrooms, in their research and in their students. This gives SWOSU students and their future employers a competitive edge in the marketplace. There are many career and study options for students in the field of engineering technology — manufacturing, computer electronics, environmental engineering, industrial electronics and industrial manufacturing.
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Career Outlook for Computer Science & Engineering Technology Majors

What Can I Do With a Computer Science Degree?

There are lots of choices for graduates with a degree in computer science. Finding your niche in computer science is critical. Careers as a computer programmer, hardware engineer, software developer, systems manager, web developer, software engineer, database administrator, IT architect, network administrator, systems analyst, security analyst and information researcher are all viable options for SWOSU computer science degree holders.

What Can I Do With a Manufacturing Engineering Technology Degree?

You'll get to design and develop tools, products, processes, machines that are better-quality and better-priced than what exists in the current marketplace. You'll use computer-aided equipment and other planning tools to focus on the design and operation of integrated systems. A degree in manufacturing engineering technology makes you employable in the areas of mechanical design, quality control, materials testing, facility design, automation, stress analysis, manufacturing and fabrication.

What Can I Do With a Computer Electronics Engineering Technology Degree?

Electronic engineering technologists are needed to assist with product development, testing and production. Degree holders work in a range of fields including: aerospace and avionics, computers, electrical power industry and power distribution, optics, research and development, project management and operations, medical technology and devices, instrumentation, telecommunications, signal processing, integration engineering, manufacturing and manufacturing test engineering, and marine engineering.

What Can I Do With an Engineering Management Electronics Technology Degree?

Engineering management electronics technology touches almost every aspect of modern life. From space exploration to turning on the lights at home, industrial electronics is at the core of making our lives better. Those working in this area determine how electronic products or systems can be produced in the most efficient manner. Ya gotta do the math to work in any engineering field and this one is no different. You'll use your math skills to develop new systems based on electrical and electronic components. 

What Can I Do With an Engineering Management Manufacturing Technology Degree?

Graduates are hired to assemble comprehensive strategies for standardization and improvement in manufacturing processes here in Oklahoma and around the globe. Innovative companies such as 3M, Star Cutter, Boeing, Intel, Tekni-Plex, Lockheed Martin, etc., all employ manufacturing technicians and specialists.

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Why Major in Computer Science?

Computers and computer technology touch just about everything in our lives today from the homes we live in to the way we order food at a restaurant. Computers are the common infrastructure of communications, business, government, entertainment, etc. With everyone and everything relying on computers it is no wonder that there are many reasons to major in computer science at SWOSU. Those holding a degree in computer science have the advantages of improved hiring prospects, nearly recession-proof jobs, and the opportunity to be creative and innovative in the work place.

Start Your Career With SWOSU

Career opportunities are numerous in all our areas of study. Recent placement rates upon graduation have been high. Our graduates command competitive salaries. Examples of recent graduates' entry positions are manufacturing engineer, production technologist, quality assurance engineer, field engineer, continuous improvement technician, production supervisor, production analyst, planner-schedulers, skilled electrical and mechanical technician, and project manager.

We offer two student organizations, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and the Society of Women Engineers. We also compete in the NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge and host the First Tech Robotics Challenge.


The SWOSU Department of Engineering Technology is recognized by two accrediting bodies.
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