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Earn Your Kinesiology Degree at SWOSU

Welcome to the Department of Kinesiology at SWOSU! We strive to challenge, educate and apply concepts to the theory of the body in motion.

What Can I Do With A Degree In Kinesiology?

If you desire a life centered on helping people achieve better health and wellness, a degree in kinesiology can provide the knowledge and tools you need to succeed. With opportunities in physical education, coaching and other sport-related jobs, therapy and rehabilitation, your degree from SWOSU can launch you into a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

A degree in exercise science opens doors for you to provide care to others in a variety of settings. You can make a career in offering preventive health services for communities or corporations, or you can serve patients in clinical rehabilitation programs. A degree in exercise science can also prepare you for opportunities in personal training, physical therapy, nutrition and more.

Possible career options for a graduate in Exercise Science include: Corporate wellness director, strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer/exercise specialist, wellness coach, exercise physiologist (more education), cardiac rehabilitation.

Bachelor of Science in Education Degree in Health and Physical Education

Become a teacher in the areas of health and physical education with a Bachelor's of Science in Education degree in health and physical education. With the education and skills received in this degree, you can become certified to educate or coach young people in sports and overall health and wellness. There are also opportunities to utilize your knowledge and expertise in areas outside academia.

Possible career options for a graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education include:  Teach K-12 grade physical education, teach K-12 grade health, coach middle school, junior high and high school athletics, summer camps for children and youth, specialized sport camps, coaching clinics. 

Master of Education in Sports Management

A graduate degree in sports management prepares you for a career in overseeing the operations of professional and amateur athletics, recreational facilities and other organizational and business entities in the sports and fitness industries. This degree program gives you the right blend of general and specific exposure to the topics you need to succeed in your desired career path.

Possible career options for a graduate with a Master's in Sports Management include: Amateur athletics, facilities and event management, sports media, professional teams and leagues, sport merchandising leisure and fitness, other areas and industries particularly sales and management. 

Master of Education in Health and Physical Education

Continue your education and hone your knowledge in health and physical education with a graduate degree. There are degree programs for those with bachelor’s degrees in education and those with undergrad degrees in other majors.

Possible career options for a graduate with a Masters in Health and Physical Education include: Pursue college/university teaching position, pursue college/university coaching position, physical education director for large public/private schools. 

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