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Graduate Student Handbook

Language Proficiency for Master’s Degree in Performance (Voice)

Before a student will be accepted into the Master of Music in Performance (Voice) program, proficiency of English, German, French and Italian diction will be accessed through a written and oral examination. If a student does not score at least a 70 percent on the combined exams, the student will need to complete a remedial diction course until it is determined that the student is proficient in English, German, French and Italian diction. A student failing the diction assessment exam will not be allowed to take applied voice lessons that count towards the degree until the deficiency is remedied. The student may take other classes for the degree program, but cannot progress with graduate-level applied lessons until the deficiency is cleared.

Degree Completion Time

Graduate students have a total of six years to complete their degree program. Graduate courses taken more than six years prior to graduation do not count toward the total number of credit hours required for a master's degree. Courses that are more than six years old may count as degree requirements as recommended by the academic unit in which the master's degree is offered and approved by the Graduate Dean.

Individual Study (IS)

Graduate students may enroll in an individual study in areas not available in conventional classes. A maximum of four semester hours of individual study may be applied toward requirements of the master's degree upon approval of advisor.

Seminar Credit

A maximum of six semester hours of seminar credit may be applied toward requirements of the master's degree.


A minimum graduate grade point average of 3.0 (B) is required in all master's degree programs. No grade lower than a "B" on applied music courses will be accepted toward requirements of the Master of Music degree. A maximum of six semester hours of "C" may be applied toward requirements of the Master of Business Administration and the Master of Education degrees. After being admitted to a graduate program, a student will be placed on academic probation if the graduate grade point average falls below 3.0 (B) after the completion of 12 semester hours, including transfer credit. During the first probation semester, a student must have a cumulative GPA and/or semester GPA of 3.0. If neither the cumulative nor semester GPA is a 3.0, the student will be allowed to register only as a part-time student (i.e., a maximum of five hours and three hours during the regular and summer term, respectively) until a cumulative GPA of 3.0 is achieved. If a student during a second semester of probation does not earn a 3.0 semester average, s/he will be dismissed from their graduate program. An academic reprieve is not applicable to graduate programs.

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