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Application Check List

All application materials must be turned in to the Department of Nursing main office. The application file must contain the following information to be considered complete:

  • Application – Completed online.
  • Spring class schedule – from SWOSU or your current school.
  • Verification of required GPA - Official consolidated SWOSU transcript inclusive of all other transcripts or current school transcript(s). MUST include Fall grades.
  • Verification of Admission to SWOSU (transfer student only). Copy of University acceptance letter or email.
  • Request current degree check - from SWOSU Registrar.

    If you are currently enrolled at SWOSU or have previously completed at least 12 hours at SWOSU, go to Degree Check Request Information and complete the request.

    If you are NOT currently enrolled at SWOSU or have NOT completed at least 12 hours at SWOSU, you can contact the registrar’s office at registrar@swosu.edu if you have questions about transfer work or degree requirements.

    NOTE: Degree check will be sent directly to the student and the Department of Nursing.

  • TEAS EXAM - Student is encouraged to see advisor to discuss results.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all application materials are turned in by the first Monday in February deadline.

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