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Programs of Study

In accordance with the regulations of the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, a minimum of six academic years of college work is required for completion of the curriculum leading to a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) degree. The College of Pharmacy curriculum at SWOSU is commonly referred to as a two-four program: two years of pre-pharmacy study plus four years of study in the professional program.

The pre-pharmacy course work may be completed at SWOSU or at any accredited college or university offering pre-pharmacy courses, which are reasonably equivalent to those required pre-pharmacy courses at SWOSU.

Eight semesters of study in residence at the College of Pharmacy are required to complete the professional course work for the Pharm. D. degree. Students may elect an accelerated program to complete the work in less than four years. Since the College of Pharmacy maintains a summer program of instruction, and since each full summer term is equal to one-half semester, the student may, by careful planning to attend summer terms, complete the curriculum requirements in less than the normally prescribed time. Students interested in such an accelerated program must seek the counsel of assigned faculty advisors to develop and file the required Degree Plan early in their academic careers.

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