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Policies & Procedures for the Dual-Degree PharmD/MBA Program 

1) Admissions 

a. Students admitted to the PharmD program will be recommended to the MBA program for consideration by pharmacy faculty. Admission to the MBA program is ultimately granted by the Director of Graduate Studies in the School of Business & Technology and is not guaranteed upon admission to the PharmD program. Multiple factors will be considered in the making the recommendation to the MBA program by the pharmacy faculty. 

b. Admission to the Dual-Degree PharmD/MBA program will be on a provisional basis. Once the student has completed nine hours successfully in the program (with a cumulative 3.0 GPA in the MBA classes) the student will be fully admitted to the MBA program. 

c. Pharmacy students will be required to take an In-Bound MBA Exam in order to evaluate their knowledge of business topics. Upon successful score on this exam they will continue into the MBA curriculum. If they are shown deficient they will be required to take an online leveling course and upon successful completion they will be admitted into the MBA program. (Approximate costs: In-Bound MBA Exam $40, Online Leveling Course $120 and online eBook for course $190) 

d. Only students in their second full semester of the pharmacy program are eligible for consideration to the Dual Program. Students may begin taking MBA classes upon acceptance to the MBA program. 

e. Upon application students are required to select one of the two dual-degree track options: 1) Standard with completion of both programs simultaneously or 2) the extra-semester option. The extra-semester option allows pharmacy students to take a lighter load of MBA courses during the pharmacy program and defer certain pre-determined classes until the semester after graduating with the Pharm.D. degree. Should a student select the standard option and fail to remain on track, it may not be possible to complete the MBA program in a single semester upon completing the Pharm.D. degree. Factors such as, but not limited to, course availability and classroom space may delay program completion. 

f. Application deadline for summer admission to the MBA program will be March 1 of each year. Students are responsible to assure the application file is complete. 

g. Application deadline for spring admission to the MBA program will be October 1 of each year. Students are responsible to assure the application file is complete. 

h. Although the MBA program has traditionally required a bachelor’s degree prior to admission, the School of Business has agreed to accept PharmD students who are in their second semester of Pharmacy School as eligible to apply to the MBA program. 

2) Dual Program Progression 

a. Students entering the Dual Degree program will work with the MBA Director of Graduate Studies to formulate an official plan of study. Failure to remain on track with the plan of study may result in removal from the program. Upon admission to the MBA program, a finalized plan of study will be placed on file with the Graduate Office. 

b. Summer course work will be required for program progression and completion. 

c. Students who are suspended from the College of Pharmacy for any reason will automatically be suspended from the MBA program. Application for reinstatement to one or both programs will be responsibility of the student. The student must be able to adequately demonstrate that reinstatement is appropriate and will not adversely affect the student. 

3) Degree Completion 

a. The candidate for the PharmD degree must complete the approved number of hours for the pharmacy program including required and elective courses 

b. The candidate for the MBA degree must complete the required 33 credit hours. 

c. The candidate for the MBA degree must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 (4.0 scale) with no more than six hours of “C” grade accepted toward degree requirements. 

d. Nine core courses and two elective courses are required to complete the MBA in the Dual Degree Program. 

e. The six hours of electives needed for the MBA program will be available through elective rotational sites in the PharmD program. These sites will focus on pharmacy management, administration, leadership and/or finance issues. The four hours of professional electives required in the PharmD program can be substituted with any of the required courses from the MBA program. The substitution of electives is only permitted if the pharmacy student is admitted to the MBA program as part of the dual degree PharmD/MBA program. 

f. Dual degree students’ specialty rotation sites may be located anywhere within the state of Oklahoma. By participating in the dual degree program the student assumes all costs associated with placement for rotation purposes to experiential sites that will fulfill the goals of the program. 

g. Both the PharmD and the MBA will be conferred simultaneously after the program requirements have been successfully met. However, the student in the Dual Degree Program must complete the PharmD degree or a bachelor’s degree before the MBA can be conferred. 


Hardeep Saluja
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Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
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