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Earn Your A Degree in Pharmacy and an MBA in SWOSU's PharmD/MBA Dual Degree Program

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There is a growing demand for pharmacists who are knowledgeable in both pharmacy and business administration. To help meet this need, SWOSU offers a dual degree program in which students can earn a doctorate in pharmacy and a master's in business administration. Consumers, employers and insurers are all seeking cost efficiencies in health care. The SWOSU PharmD/MBA program provides graduates with skills, knowledge, and practical experience needed in today's cost-conscious culture. Hiring a pharmacist with an MBA means hiring a pharmacist with an understanding of accounting, communication, finance, personnel management, strategic planning, etc.

About the Program

Southwestern Oklahoma State University College of Pharmacy and the Everett Dobson School of Business and Technology have joined together to create the dual degree PharmD/MBA. This PharmD/MBA Dual Degree Program has been developed for students who have been admitted and enrolled in the College of Pharmacy at Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

This program enables qualified PharmD students to begin work on their MBAs while still enrolled in the PharmD program. Students are allowed to apply to the MBA program during the second semester of their first year in the PharmD program. PharmD students will remain with their pharmacy school admitted cohort and complete their doctoral degree requirement at the same time as their classmates.

Upon application, pharmacy students will be considered for recommendation by a College of Pharmacy review committee to the MBA program. The dual degree program, while very attractive to many students, will require a high level of academic commitment in addition to the heavy demands of the PharmD program. Students must have demonstrated their academic preparedness and their willingness to take on the additional responsibilities. The College of Pharmacy is committed to the success of each of its PharmD candidates and will only recommend students for the dual degree program who are sufficiently qualified and motivated.

Policies and procedures have been developed that address admission to the MBA program, advanced standing, and progression through the dual program. Additional policies address leveling requirements, academic challenges, elective exchange, tuition concerns, and the joint program plan of study may be found here.

Why SWOSU is the Place for a Dual Degree in Pharmacy and Business

The ultimate goal of the SWOSU PharmD/MBA program is to provide graduates with skills, knowledge, and practical experience needed for career enhancement. As the number of new pharmacy schools continues to increase and place pressure on employment opportunities, this program provides SWOSU pharmacy graduates with the opportunity to enhance their employment options and elevate their employment standing. As alumni, our graduates with the dual degrees will have the opportunity to shape the future of pharmacy through their acquired leadership, management, financial and business skills.


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