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Experiential Education Manual
III. College of Pharmacy Experiential Education Policies

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Current CPR certification by the American Heart Association (BLS) or the Red Cross (BLS for Health Care Providers), is required for all courses with an Experiential Education component. These American Heart Association and Red Cross courses are the only approved providers of CPR/AED Certification for  the SWOSU Experiential Education program.

If the student has a break in enrollment, or if their certification will expire prior to the end of their experiential education course, they must obtain re- certification and provide documentation to the OEE in accordance with Experiential Education regulations and timelines.

Any student, who fails meet the CPR requirements set by the OEE, will experience a consequence for failing to complete CPR certification and/or provide documentation per the regulations and deadlines set by the OEE.  (See specific consequences outlined in the students section.)

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