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Experiential Education Manual
III. College of Pharmacy Experiential Education Policies

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Q. Inclement Weather

1. Students and preceptors should use their best judgment

  1. It is the student’s responsibility to communicate with preceptors and faculty advisors
    1. If the main campus is closed, but conditions are safe in the student/site location then the student should go to their site
    2. If the main campus is open, but travel conditions are unsafe in the student/site location then the student can stay home

2. Hours missed should be made up if possible.

  1. If the hours cannot be made up (for example if unsafe conditions occur on the last day of the rotation) then the preceptor should deduct hours missed on the evaluation
  2. If students have been at their rotation site extra hours during the rotation, then those hours can be used in place of the hours missed

3. Most important, be safe

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