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Experiential Education Manual
I.  Introduction

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E. Resources for Preceptors and Students

1. E*Value-Health Care Education Solutions

E*Value Link

a. What can you do in E*Value?

i. You can view the following on your homepage:

      1. View contact information for the Experiential Education Program
      2. View announcements from the COP
      3. Find program information on SWOSU’s Experiential Education Program

ii. You Can find "How To" information for the following items on your homepage (in the documents section):

        1. Change your User Name and password
        2. Update your contact information with us
        3. Check your rotation schedule and find contact information for your students
        4. Get your library login
        5. Complete student evaluations
        6. Run student evaluation of preceptor reports
        7. Get immunization and certification records on your students (student professional folders)
        8. Review coursework (learning modules)

b. If you can't remember your E*Value login and password or need to obtain one, call the Office of Experiential Education at 405.601.2482

2. Calendar and Announcements

Calendar and announcements are available on the Preceptors and Students E*Value homepages.

3. Program and Procedural Questions

Any concerns, questions, or procedural matters related to the program should be addressed in the following order of progression:  the Preceptor, SWOSU Faculty Advisor, IPPE Coordinator or Director of Experiential Programs, Pharmacy Practice Department Chair and finally the Dean’s Office.

4. SWOSU Library Resources

SWOSU libraries graphic

SWOSU Libraries

SWOSU COP provides Library Resources free for our preceptors!

This includes pharmacy specific databases, such as:

  • AccessPharmacy
  • Lexicomp
  • UpToDate
  • USP-NF
  • And many more

To find your library login information, go to your homepage in E*Value, scroll to the documents section, and click the link to “How To Find Your Library Login."

If you cannot remember your E*Value login and password, or if you do not have a library login, please call the Experiential Education office at 405.601.2484.

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