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Experiential Education Manual
VI. IPPE Rotations

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A. General IPPE Rotation Information

5. Grading Policies

  1. Grading for the IPPE rotation courses is Pass/Fail. The major elements involved in the Pass/Fail grading process include:
    1. Preceptor Evaluation: students must receive a score of “2” or better (on a scale of 1 to 3 with 3 being the highest level of performance and 1 being an unacceptable level of performance) on all assessed items on the preceptor evaluation form
    2. On-line discussion board topics: students must meet all posting guidelines described in the discussion board guidelines (minimum number of postings, minimum number of words per posting, deadlines for posting, following “Netiquette” standards for posting, etc). Students must earn 75% or better of the total grade points allocated to discussion board topics
    3. Calculations quiz: students must score a minimum 75% for the on-line calculations quiz. A maximum of two attempts to earn the required score is allowed
    4. Other on-line quizzes: must be completed as instructed by the OEE
    5. Pharmacist Letter quizzes: students must earn a 90% or better score to pass
    6. Completion and submission of IPE Log assignment into Canvas
    7. Completion of IPPE Reflections on E*Value platform
    8. Laws relating to the practice of pharmacy: any violation of any state board of pharmacy law or any other law or regulation relating to the practice of pharmacy is grounds for failure in the IPPE course
    9. Experiential Policies: students must comply with all published OEE policies and timelines
    10. HIPAA Regulations: any breach of HIPAA rules and regulations is grounds for failure in the IPPE course
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