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Experiential Education Manual
VI. IPPE Rotations

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A. General IPPE Rotation Information

IPPE is an acronym for the Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience Program. At SWOSU COP the IPPE program consists of a four-component program occurring throughout the early part of the curriculum.

The goals of the IPPE program are to:

  1. Provide students practical experience in the operation and drug distribution systems of various pharmacy practice environments;
  2. Enhance students’ development of communication skills with patients and health care professionals;
  3. Introduce students to the application of scientific knowledge in the daily practice of pharmacy; and
  4. Encourage self-assessment of student learning and life-long learning skills.

The IPPE program consists of more than 300 hours of experiences (IPPE credits) in the practice of pharmacy. The first (1) component of the IPPE program at SWOSU consists of the Integrated IPPE experiences. These involve patient care activities that are incorporated into several of the COP courses throughout the early curriculum. The integrated IPPE experiences involve activities such as: measuring and documenting patient blood pressures; interacting with patients during patient interviews and screenings; performing patient physical assessments; documenting patient information; interacting with other health care professionals in mini-rotation experiences at emergency room facilities.

The second (2) component of the IPPE consist of a series of simulations of pharmacy practice experiences. These simulations will take place at various times during the curriculum and involve structured activities that are intended to replicate or simulate selected activities/duties/processes that occur in pharmacy practice.

At SWOSU COP the third (3) and fourth (4) components of IPPE consists of two rotations in authentic pharmacy practice sites, one at a community pharmacy site and another at an institutional pharmacy site. Each of these rotations is scheduled to occur during the summer months and consists of a three-week on-site experience at a designated pharmacy. These IPPE rotations are separate rotations, one occurring each of the first two summers after admission to the College of Pharmacy. These two courses involve on-site activities and have required off-site assignments/responsibilities as well.

IPPE credits include:

  1. Hours of IPPE experience credit toward the 300-hour minimum requirement
  2. Course credit hours
  3. Hours of pharmacist intern credit with the Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy

All IPPE credits include elements of self-assessment of learning, reflections on progress towards learning goals, discussions with colleagues and faculty, and other structured activities that enhance the development of professionalism.

All experiential education activities are unpaid experiences! Students must not receive remuneration for any experiential education rotations.

Experiential education courses, both introductory and advanced, utilize the E*Value electronic management system for site preferences, site assignments, and many other areas of experiential education management.

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