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Experiential Education Manual
VI. IPPE Rotations

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C. Integrated IPPE Component

The first (1) component of the IPPE program at SWOSU consists of the Integrated IPPE experiences. These involve patient care activities that are incorporated into several of the COP courses throughout the early curriculum. The integrated IPPE experiences involve activities such as: measuring and documenting patient blood pressures; interacting with patients during patient interviews and screenings; performing patient physical assessments; documenting patient information; interacting with other health care professionals in mini-rotation experiences at emergency room facilities; and other authentic patient care activities.

1. Objectives - At the completion of the integrated component of the IPPE Program at Southwestern Oklahoma State University College of Pharmacy, the students will be able to:

  1. Perform patient interviewing in a manner that would maximize collection of accurate and complete subjective information
  2. Respond appropriately to drug information questions from both the public and from health care providers
  3. Work in a collegial manner with other health care professionals such that patient care is optimized
  4. Promote the health of the general public through the provision of educational programs structured to enhance public health outcomes
  5. Demonstrate exceptional skill in interpreting and assessing both subjective and objective patient data so as to maximize the outcomes of pharmaceutical care
  6. Evaluate and assess patients in a manner that delineates whether pharmacist- delivered care is appropriate or if the patient needs referral to other healthcare providers/facilities
  7. Identify and develop appropriate plans to accommodate the multiple patient- specific factors affecting patient health, appropriate drug therapy and disease management
  8. Perform patient physical assessments in a manner designed to elicit maximal information about patient physical functioning
  9. Communicate effectively and efficiently with both patients and other health care providers
  10. Present patient cases to peers, faculty, and other health care providers in a manner that demonstrates a good grasp of patient care issues
  11. Develop a sense of professional responsibility to the community through the participation in service learning opportunities
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