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Experiential Education Manual
VI. IPPE Rotations

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A. General IPPE Rotation Information

2. Preceptor Responsibilities

  1. Function as positive role models for pharmacy students
  2. Practice the profession of pharmacy ethically, legally and with compassion or patients
  3. Possess professional training, experience and competence in the practice of pharmacy
  4. Utilize clinical and scientific publications to make patient care decisions and provide evidence-based level of practice
  5. Maintain an attitude and aptitude that facilitates student learning
  6. Provide verbal feedback to the students on rotations
  7. Agree to document and assess student performance during rotations
  8. Maintain a systematic, self-directed approach to his/her own continuing professional development
  9. Collaborate with other health care professionals as a member of the healthcare team
  10. Commit to the organization, to the profession of pharmacy, and to the larger community
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