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Experiential Education Manual
VI. IPPE Rotations

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A. General IPPE Rotation Information

6. Professional Behaviors

  1. Adhere to the required dress code as outlined in the Appearance Policy section of this manual
  2. Show appropriate professional respect for the preceptor, other staff, and patients at the rotation site
  3. Adhere to the tenets expressed in the Pharmacist’ Code of Professional Ethics and the Oath of a Pharmacist
  4. Adhere to all applicable HIPAA guidelines related to the privacy of patient information
  5. Adhere to the standards for disease prevention, including the recommendations for prevention of blood-borne pathogens
  6. Complete tasks assigned by the preceptor
  7. Adhere to rigorous stands so as to avoid plagiarism
  8. Function as a valued ambassador of the SWOSU College of Pharmacy to the rotation site, staff, and to patients who have relationships with the rotation site
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