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Former Faculty

Permanent and Temporary

PersonLast YearDiscipline
Vivien Chu 2013 Economics
Larry Mastroni 2013 History/Geography
Turner, Leland 2012 History/Geography
McGhee, Meghan           2012 Criminal Justice
Barlow, Donna 2009 Criminal Justice
Behr, Josh 2001 Political Science
Burwood, Steven 2001 History
Connelly, Michael 1997 Political Science
Feeley, Frances 1992 History
Flett, Jane 2003 Social Work
Garrett, Terrence 2000 Political Science
Dana Glasscock 2003 Geography
Liu, Lee 2002 Geography
Lovett, Perry 2001 Political Science
McClain, Nancy 2000 Chair
Nadel, Stan 2000 History
Peterson, Geoffrey 2000 Political Science
Stevens, Kelli 2002 Criminal Justice
Wolynetz, Jennifer 2003 Criminal Justice
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