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Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice Faculty

Although we are a small faculty, we have a diversity and breadth of background, education and experience that has proved beneficial to students.

Dr. Philip D. Holley's degrees are in sociology, the PhD having been received from Iowa State University. He has experience as an auxiliary juvenile probation officer, almost 12 years of experience in prison volunteer programs, has 2½ years experience as a part-time correctional officer for a private prison in the area, and has served as an expert witness in several civil and criminal cases. He has also carried out extensive research related to women's incarceration, prison drug treatment programs, boot camps, crime sentencing and numerous forms and types of deviance. Currently he is researching and writing about crime and non-crime victims. He has taught at SWOSU since 1974.

Through his company, he has contracted with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections for research as well as program delivery. During 2005-2006, he served as the first president of the Oklahoma Criminal Justice Association.

Dr. Dorie Astle is serving this academic year as Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Sociology.

Political science faculty members have historically contributed to the program by teaching law-related courses, including "Judicial Process" and "Criminal Law and Procedure." The faculty member currently teaching these courses is Dan Brown. He also offers “Critical Issues in Criminal Justice.”


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