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Criminal Justice

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B.A. Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice program at Southwestern Oklahoma State University includes a Bachelor of Arts degree of 36 hours and an 18-hour minor. The criminal justice program began in 1985 as a mandatory major-minor program of 54 hours drawn from courses in political science and sociology. The program was revised in 2000 and several criminal justice courses were added, affording students more choices of courses and the opportunity of a minor. Students may currently major in criminal justice and minor in some other academic discipline, or major and minor in criminal justice.

Our program is strong, yet was made stronger with the 2000 revision. Our graduates are highly competitive with graduates of other universities within the state. SWOSU graduates have been placed in numerous criminal justice organizations and agencies, including law enforcement, correctional institutions, probation and parole, juvenile treatment programs, etc., at all levels of government and in private industry.

In the major, 7 courses are required, while the other courses are grouped in 3 areas identified as “Selectives” so that students choose a minimum number of courses from each area. Courses include: Introduction to Criminal Justice; Introduction to Law Enforcement; US Corrections; Juvenile Justice; Sociology of Deviant & Criminal Behavior, Comparative Criminal Justice Systems; Critical Issues in Criminal Justice; Judicial Process; Criminal Law & Procedure; Victimology; Criminal Justice Administration; Racial & Cultural Minorities; The Criminal Mind; Privatization of Criminal Justice; Advanced Analysis of Social Problems; Statistics for the Social Sciences; Fundamentals of Research; and Internship in Criminal Justice. Students are required to take “Introduction to Sociology” and “Elementary Spanish I” as part of the General Education component.

While courses are taught at varying intervals—some every semester, others annually, or once every 2 years—students can reasonably expect to graduate in 4 years. Transfer students are typically able to complete major requirements in 2 years.

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