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Criminal Justice

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The mission of the criminal justice program is to provide graduates with an academic, intellectual, historical, comparative and scientific foundation for employment in all areas of criminal justice as well as future learning (via graduate school). We offer students a rigorous academic and intellectual experience, intended to produce keen observers, critical thinkers, competent writers, and graduates knowledgeable about criminal justice agencies, organizations, private businesses, theories, problems, policies, and ethics. Most of the courses included in the program are drawn from the criminal justice area, with supporting courses from sociology, social sciences, and political science.

An international dimension is included in the program. Field experience is integrated within the learning process through the internship course. Students are strongly encouraged to learn Spanish, a resource increasingly valuable in all areas of criminal justice employment. We recommend that majors take elective courses in other areas of the university that will benefit them in their careers. Students are also encouraged to take advantage of learning opportunities outside the classroom, including involvement in the Criminal Justice Student Association, attendance at the annual SWOSU Criminal Justice Speaker Series, and membership in professional associations, as well as in volunteer activities in public or private organizations.


  1. To provide a broad-based, criminal justice academic and intellectual experience, with an international dimension, the incorporation of a foreign language, and field experience.
  2. To offer courses with strong writing components that will enable graduates to perform well in criminal justice occupations.
  3. To produce graduates who are readily employable in criminal justice occupations.
  4. To produce students who demonstrate success in graduate and law school.


  1. Graduates of the criminal justice program will be able to demonstrate knowledge of criminal justice and criminology, as well as social behavior.
  2. Graduates of the criminal justice program will be able to demonstrate competency in writing.
  3.  Graduates of the criminal justice program will be able to articulate and effectively communicate their ideas.
  4. Graduates of the criminal justice program will be able to effectively carry out supervised research from formulation of the research through completion of the project.
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