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Professional Memberships

In anticipation of a selected career, students are encouraged to join professional associations while at SWOSU. The American Correctional Association with its state affiliate, the Oklahoma Correctional Association, is highly recommended. Membership includes subscription to Corrections Today, newsletters, conferences, and other benefits. Students may join the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, National Criminal Justice Association, and American Society of Criminologists. The American Probation and Parole Association is available for those interested in probation and parole. The Southwestern Association of Criminal Justice is a regional association that may be of interest to some students.

The Oklahoma Sociological Association is a state organization that holds an annual meeting and publishes the journal, Free Inquiry. SWOSU faculty members have been consistently active in this organization, including Dr. Holley, Dr. McGhee, and Dr. Brown. The Oklahoma Criminal Justice Association welcomes student membership and holds a spring conference, which is attended by faculty and students. Dr. Holley was President of the Association during 2005-2006, serving as the first president. Dr. Brown is serving as president during the 2010-2011 academic year.

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