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Minoring in Economics


The exposure to economic analysis (theoretical and empirical) makes a minor in economics attractive to many job recruiters and graduate schools because of the development of student critical thinking.

Economics Minor

The economics minor is offered to any students who desire to increase their understanding of economic theory and practice to complement their majors with the strong analytical skills. Students have opportunities to conduct independent research and engage in globally-related activities through coursework and study abroad at SWOSU (i.e., Study Abroad - London; Study Abroad – Germany, etc.).


Dr. Jerry Dunn
Office: SCI 104D
E-mail: jerry.dunn@swosu.edu
Phone Number: 580.774.3048

Dr. Jieun Chang 
Office: SCI 104E
E-mail: jieun.chang@swosu.edu
Phone Number: 580.774.3153

Course Requirements

Required Courses: 6–9

ECONO 2263** Principles of Macroeconomics
ECONO 2363** Principles of Microeconomics
ECONO 2463 Business Statistics
(OR SOCSC 3853 Statistics for Social Sciences)
** If taken for General Education, the hours will not count towards Economics minor.

Electives: 9–12

ECONO 3863 Money and Banking
ECONO 4003 Independent Study in Economics
ECONO 4013 Seminar in Economics
ECONO 4563 Managerial Economics
ECONO 4963 International Economics

Total: 18

Any elective courses are available upon request for students who are interested in more economic issues (intermediate, advanced level economics courses), individually or in a small group. Please consult Dr. Dunn (E-mail: jerry.dunn@swosu.edu), if you are interested in minor in economics.


Students obtain in-depth understanding in economics and methods for analyzing economic and quantitative data. Combining their major with a minor in economics help students be better prepared for their careers in professions such as law, public service, banking and financial sectors, health and energy.

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