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Assessment & Testing Calendar Year

Assessment When
Alumni Survey Every five years
Annual Student Assessment Report Every fall semester
Entry-Level, Gen. Ed., Outcomes, Satisfaction, Graduate Level
CETL Teaching and Learning Surveys Every semester
Counselor's Day (participant) Every fall semester (Sept.)
Course/Instructor Evaluations Every semester
Education Teacher Candidate Evaluations Every semester
ETS Proficiency Profile
* To Freshmen Every fall semester
* To Seniors Every spring semester
Exit Surveys Twice a year
Faculty Evaluation of the Associate Dean Every spring semester
Faculty Evaluation of the Dean Every spring semester
Faculty Evaluation of the Department Chair Every spring semester
Freshman Orientation Evaluations Every fall semester
FSSE Every spring semester
Gen. Ed. Assessment Reporting Every semester
Honors Program Course Survey Every semester
Human Resources Online Training reporting Monthly
Institutional Effectiveness Survey (new in 2017) Every spring semester
Kinesiology Program Student Survey Every semester
Medical Lab Technician Clinical Evaluations/Surveys Every semester
New Faculty Workshop presentation Every fall semester
New Student Orientation Six times per year
* Testing
* Presenter
* Evaluations
Noel-Levitz SSI Spring semester in even years
NSSE administered to Freshmen & Seniors Every spring semester
Nursing Clinical Evaluation of Faculty Every semester
Nursing Course Evaluations Every semester
Psychology Clinical Evaluations Every semester
Tech Trek Surveys Summer
Three Pillars course reporting Every semester
Various projects for departments/staff Upon request
ACT National Testing Sept., Oct., Dec., Feb., Apr., June (6/year)
ACT Residual Testing Monthly (24/year)
Castle testing three times/month
* American Council on Exercise
* Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer
* Board of Pharmacy Specialties
* Other
CLEP testing By appointment
Course Placement Test (CPT) testing Daily
Education Administrator Intern Evaluations Every Semester
English Proficiency Exam By appointment
Fingerprinting Daily
GRE Testing 1-3 times/year
Hi-Set (High school equivalency test) Monthly
Medical Terminology Challenge Exam By appointment
National League of Nursing NACE II tests By appointment
PearsonVue testing Daily
* Education
* GED (High school equivalency test)
* Health Information Management
* Medical Lab Technician
* Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT)
* Other
Proctoring By appointment
TASC (High school equivalency test) By appointment
TEAS testing 28 test dates/year
TOEFL 6-10 times/year
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