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Testing available in order to attend SWOSU:

Entering students under the age of 21 should take either a National ACT test:



SWOSU Residual ACT test (still the ACT test, but scores are useable only for SWOSU admissions):


Entering students of age 21 or older or with ACT subtest scores below 19 in English, math and/or reading must fulfill remedial requirements. This may be accomplished by:

  1. Earning a satisfactory grade on the appropriate Computerized Placement Test(s) (CPT) or,
  2. By successfully completing the appropriate remedial course(s).

CPT tests help ensure that students enroll in suitable course levels. These tests are available at no charge. To schedule a test, please call the Assessment Center on the Weatherford Campus at 580.774.7084; or, the Sayre Campus at 580.928.5533, ext. 131. CPT tests are not timed, but students take approximately 30 minutes for each test they take. For admission to test, student MUST present current photo ID (SWOSU ID, driver's license, state ID, tribal ID, or passport). Photo ID cannot be expired and/or must have been issued within the last two years.

A re-test in each subject is allowed after a minimum of two weeks. Students who do not pass the initial CPT test and/or re-test must enroll in the appropriate remedial course(s). Students receiving a grade of Unsatisfactory in a required remedial class may re-test once before re-enrolling in the remedial course (by the end of the first day of class).

Students must successfully remediate basic skills course requirements within the first 24 semester hours attempted or have enrollment restricted until the deficiencies are removed. Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in all required remedial/development course(s) during their first semester at SWOSU.

Prepare for the ACT or the CPT tests by reviewing ACT Sample Tests below:

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