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College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

SWOSU is a computerized CLEP testing center and accepts credit earned by CLEP exams. Credit earned from CLEP exams will appear on your SWOSU transcript only after completing 12 credit hours of study at Southwestern. CLEP exams are administered at the Weatherford and Sayre locations. The CLEP exam fee is $87 (subject to change). To take a CLEP test at SWOSU, you must first create a CLEP account and register for your test at: https://clep.collegeboard.org.

The $87 test fee must be paid within your College Board account. Schedule testing appointments by calling either the Weatherford or Sayre testing center.

Weatherford Test Center #6673
Assessment Center
1001 N. 7th St. in Weatherford 

Sayre – Test Center #6646
Administration Building
SAB 102
580.928.5533, ext. 131

For best results, schedule only one CLEP per day. There is a $20 administration fee and $10 fee per essay scheduled. These should be paid at SWOSU’s Business Office. There is no refund for "no shows" or for rescheduling with less than 24-hour notice. You must present your receipt(s), your CLEP Ticket and your photo ID to Assessment staff for testing appointments. (See ID information)

The CLEP exams for which SWOSU issues credit, the minimum scores required, and the courses for which credit can be earned are located below on this page.

Study Guides

Study Guides containing sample questions and answers, test-taking strategies, as well as general information are available for purchase by credit card at this link: https://clep.collegeboard.org/test-preparation. The cost of the CLEP Official Study Guide is $24.99 (subject to change). Individual study guides are $10 (subject to change).

CLEP Course Equivalencies

CLEP Course Equivalencies
Min Score Add'l
Biology & Chemistry
BIOL 1004 Biological Concepts & Lab Biology 50
CHEM 1203 & CHEM 1252 General Chemistry I & Lab Chemistry 50 Calculator and periodic table will be available as part of the testing software for this exam
ECONO 2263 Introduction to Macroeconomics Principles of Macroeconomics 50
ECONO 2363 Introduction to Microeconomics Principles of Microeconomics 50
ENTRP 3123 Legal Environment of Business Introductory Business Law 50
MGMT 3233 Management Principles of Management 50
ACCTG 2213 Principles of Financial Accounting  Financial Accounting 50
MRKTG 3143 Principles of Marketing Principles of Marketing 50
COMSC 1023 Computers & Information Access Information Systems 50
Language Arts
1134 & 1234 Elementary German I & II German Language 50 Score of a 50 earns 8 credit hours for Elementary German I & II. Score of 63 earns the additional 6 credit hours of Intermediate German I &II.
2133 & 2233 Intermediate German I & II 63
SPAN 1054 & 1154 Elementary Spanish I & II Spanish Language 50 Score of a 50 earns 8 course credit hours.
SPAN 1054 & 1154 Elementary Spanish I & II 2053 & 2153 Intermediate Spanish I & II 63 Score of a 63 or above earns 14 course credit hours.
1104 & 1204 Elementary French  I & II French Language 50 Score of a 50 earns 8 credit hours for Elementary French I & II.  Score of 59 earns the additional 6 credit hours of Intermediate French I & II.
2103 & 2203 Intermediate French I & II 59
ENGL 1113 English Composition I  College Composition Modular – Contact SWOSU Assessment Center to schedule the essay portion 50 In addition to a qualifying score, one essay question must be passed to earn course credit for 1113 English Composition I. A second essay question must be passed to earn credit for 1213 English Composition II.
ENGL 1213 English Composition II 54
LIT 3323 Modern Voices in American Literature &
4553 Issues in American Literature
American Literature 50
LIT 2413 Introduction to Literature Analyzing & Interpreting Literature 50
LIT 4763 British Literary Heritage to 1800 &
LIT 4123 British Literary 1795-1950
English Literature 50
MATH 1834 Calculus I Calculus 56 Calculator may NOT be used for this exam.
MATH 1513 College Algebra College Algebra 50 Calculator will be available as part of the testing software for a portion or all of this exam.
MATH 1513 College Algebra &
MATH 1613 College Trigonometry
Precalculus 50 Graphing calculator is integrated into the exam software, and it is available to students during Section 1 of the exam.
MATH 1143 Math Concepts College Mathematics 50 Online scientific calculator (non-graphing) is available to candidates during the examination as part of the testing software.
PSYCH 1003 General Psychology Introductory Psychology 50
PSYCH 3213 Developmental Psychology Human Growth and Development 50
Social Sciences
POLSC 1103 American Government & Politics American Government 50
SOCIO 1003 Introduction to Sociology Introductory Sociology 50
HIST 1043 United States History History of the United States I 50 History of the U.S. I:  Early Colonization to 1877
HIST 1053 United States History History of the United States II 50 History of the U.S. II: 1865 to the Present
HIST 1033 World History &
HIST 1023 Modern World History
Western Civilization I or II 50 West. Civ. I : Ancient Near East to 1648
West  Civ. II: 1648 to Present
NONE College Composition 50
NONE Humanities 50
NONE Intro. To Educational Psychology 50
NONE Social Sciences and History 50
NONE Natural Sciences 50
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