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Assessment Committee Meeting

December 11, 2015, 2:00 pm, EDU 203

Minutes (Unapproved)

Committee Members

(✔ indicates member present)

✔ Mike Dougherty, Chair (17)

✔ Cathy Baker

Amy Barnett (15)

✔ Cindy Dougherty

Judy Haught

✔ Chad Kinder (16)

✔ Jan Kliewer

✔ Kelley Logan

Jess Parker (16)

✔ Sarah Ramsey (18)

✔ Karen Sweeney (18)

✔ Denis Trubitsyn (18)

Monica Varner, Ex-Officio

✔ Wendy Yoder, Ex-Officio


  1. The location of the meeting was changed from the PCR to EDU 203. It was called to order at about 2:10 p.m. Minutes from the July 9, 2015 meeting were reviewed. Cindy Dougherty, Dean of Students, made a motion to approve, Chad Kinder, Associate Dean of Behavioral Sciences and Education and Chair of the Department of Parks and Recreation, seconded, and the motion passed.
  2. Agenda
    1. It was announced that EvaluationKit via Canvas is being utilized for online course evaluations in the School of Nursing this Fall 2015 semester. In addition, this process will be expanded and used for all online evaluations in the Spring 2016 semester. Benefits of using EvlauationKit/Canvas:
      1. Faculty will be able to login to Canvas to track your response rate(s).
      2. Faculty will be able to see a list of respondents. For this reason, "coupons" will no longer be necessary. There will be consideration of completely eliminating the “coupon” since some faculty award a bonus of some sort for completion, but some faculty do not wish to award a bonus and prefer that the coupon/certificate not be an issue.
      3. The anonymity of students will still be intact.
      4. You will have access to course evaluation reports easily and much more quickly. Assessment Center staff look forward to receiving feedback from the School of Nursing regarding this issue as well as other aspects of the process.
    2. A proposal to slightly revise Course Evaluation questions was introduced. The intention is to make questions applicable to all forms of courses (face to face, ITV, online, etc.) There were several comments and suggestions. These may be brought up in Faculty Senate when the proposal is officially introduced. It was also suggested that Instructor related questions be grouped separately from course related questions.
    3. Mike Dougherty, Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Chair of the Assessment Committee, discussed the new secondary math placement test, which started in Fall 2015, and which should be a better placement test for the different paths which remedial students may need for their GE math courses. The Mathematics Department administered a new placement test for remedial students desiring to place out of the new Fundamentals of Algebra I course. A total of 128 students took the exam, out of around 370 eligible. No students reached the 70% score required for passing, and those two or three who scored in the low 60's made mistakes that indicated they were appropriately placed in the Fundamentals of Algebra I course. Some discussion ensued for several minutes, regarding the motivation for the new remediation regime, motivation for the new placement test (being aligned more closely than the CPT with the Fundamentals of Algebra I skills), how to follow up once these students' grades come in at the end of the semester to see if there is an improvement in the number of students eligible to go on to their GE math courses, ACT cut scores as coming from ACT versus Regents policies, and the general remediation problem across disciplines.
    4. NSSE will be administered Feb. 2016 through June 1, 2016.
    5. FSSE will be administered March 29 through May 2016.
    6. CAAP will be administered to Juniors/Seniors April 2016.
    7. Jan Kliewer, Director of Assessment, has sat in on a couple of recent Council on Instruction Assessment Committee meetings. Major topics of discussion and directives have been:
      1. A final updated/revised Assessment Plan will be due July 2016 to the OSRHE. Therefore, an internal due date of April 2016 will be necessary to be processed for University approval.
      2. The template for submitting The Annual Student Assessment Report is being revised. First time use is expected Fall 2017 with a due date of November 1, 2017.
      3. Credit awarded for successfully passing Advanced Placement tests is being reviewed. We are encouraged to award credit for scores of 3 (out of 5). There is an indication that College Board may pursue legislation in Oklahoma in the case of much resistance.
    8. There is consideration of having an Assessment Day that would assist with University Assessment activities but without interfering with regular class time. Kelley Logan, Chair of the Department of Language and Literature, suggested scheduling it on SWIM day since SWIM interferes with quality class time.
  3. Dr. Logan made a motion for the meeting to adjourn, Karen Sweeney, Instructor in the Department of Business and Computer Science, seconded, and the motion passed. The meeting dismissed at about 3:30 p.m.
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