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Assessment Committee Meeting

July 9, 2015, 1:30 pm, PCR

Minutes (Unapproved)

Committee Members

(✔ indicates member present)

✔ Dr. Mike Dougherty, Chair (17)

Ms. Cathy Baker

✔ Dr. Randy Barnett (15)

Les Crall (16) retired

Ms. Cindy Dougherty

Dr. Jared Edwards (15)

Ms. Judy Haught

✔ Dr. Robin Jones (15)

✔ Ms. Jan Kliewer

✔ Dr. Kelley Logan

Mr. Jess Parker (16)

✔ Dr. Sarah Ramsey (15)

✔ Dr. Monica Varner, Ex-Officio

✔ Ms. Wendy Yoder, Ex-Officio

Student: Nicholas Cornu De Olmos

Deans and Department Heads were invited to participate in the discussion of up-coming assessment changes, and the HLC Quality Initiative Project (QIP)*.

*HLC’s Open Pathway requires the institution to undertake a major Quality Initiative (QIP) designed to suit its present concerns or aspirations. The Quality Initiative takes place between years 5 and 9 of the 10-year Open Pathway Cycle. A Quality Initiative may be designed to begin and be completed during this time or it may continue an initiative already in progress or achieve a key milestone in the work of a longer initiative. The Quality Initiative is intended to allow institutions to take risks, aim high, and if so be it, learn from only partial success or even failure.

Guests in attendance:

Mr. Brad Bryant

Dr. Peter Grant

Mr. Ed Klein

Dr. Patsy Parker

Dr. Ken Rose

Dr. Sylvia Esjornson

Dr. Chad Kinder

Mr. Mark Lumpkin

Dr. Barbara Patterson

Dr. Marcy Tanner

  1. The meeting was called to order at 1:35 p.m. Minutes from the April 17, 2015 meeting were reviewed. Randy Barnett, Chair of the Department of Psychology, made a motion to approve, Robin Jones, Chair of the Department of Art, Communication, and Theatre, seconded, and the motion passed.
  2. Agenda
    1. Mike Dougherty, Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Chair of the Assessment Committee announced a new secondary math admissions test, which will be a better placement test for the path to College Algebra. Students with a math deficiency will be able to take the new test at the beginning of the Fundamentals of Algebra I remedial course to try to test out of the course. The Fundamentals of Algebra II remedial course will then be a prerequisite to College Algebra for students originally deficient in Math according to his/her ACT math sub-score. Mike will discuss with math faculty whether or not the current CPT math placement test will still be sufficient for Math Concepts and Math Applications. Further logistics on the issue will be worked out with Assessment Center staff.
    2. Tracking Study discussion is tabled for future meetings.

      Monica Varner, Associate Provost, welcomed guests and introduced further agenda items. She has spent the last fourth months researching SWOSU, and her findings reveal an excellent educational institution. Students who graduate from Southwestern greatly appreciate their experience and the faculty and staff. With that said, there are some items we should address to improve student achievement and progression towards degree completion. Dr. James South, Provost, and Dr. Varner have worked closely reviewing the evidence which has resulted in the Academic Strategic Plan and QIP. The goals have not changed, but they were rewritten to include measurable outcomes and action items.

    3. Gen. Ed. Assessment Goals and Assessment Rotation drafts were reviewed. These drafts are currently being reviewed by the Gen. Ed. Committee for approval. The rotation includes a change from a two-year rotation to a three-year rotation as well as the inclusion of courses new to the Gen. Ed. program. The courses have been organized in such a way as to relieve departments/faculty of being overburdened in one semester as well as receiving a broader scope of subject matter each semester.
    4. Dr. Varner also discussed The University Assessment Plan & Process.
    5. Further documents were distributed and introduced including:
      1. Understanding Our Students: Evidence Booklet
      2. Academic Strategic Plan, Academic Cycle
      3. Academic Strategic Plan, HLC Assumed Practices & Accreditation Criterion Crosswalk
      4. Three Pillars of Learning in Undergraduate Education (QIP) Dr. Varner discussed in length portions of the documents and gave assurance that the burden on faculty will be as minimal as possible. Program assessment, including Gen. Ed. assessment, will be the responsibility of appropriate faculty, but online templates/questionnaires as well as training and assistance are expected to aid in the process.
  3. Dr. Jones made a motion for the meeting to adjourn, Dr. Kelly Logan, Chair of the Department of Language and Literature, seconded, and the motion passed. The meeting dismissed at about 3:40 p.m.
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